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**!giveaway prize**: Do a giveaway based on users reacting with the emoji you react with secretly. Use in private and replace prize with an actual prize!
Use this if you want to giveaway something like a steam key or discount code or really anything.
In the case of non text-based rewards, just set the prize to a description (or whatever you want) and then arrange the reward with the user the bot says won.
Once used, the bot sends you a DM. React to that with an emoji of your choice. The bot will then post a message to the public channel for users to react to.
The first user to react with your secret emoji is anounced as the winner and DMed the prize you set.

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*Seriously* <:pjwut:231619576754864131>

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**!xkcd**: Posts a random xkcd comic
**!xkcd latest**: Posts the latest xkcd comic
**!xkcd x**: Posts xkcd comic number **x** (if it exists)