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pocketjawa f2689bc200 Merge branch 'vlclink' of pocketjawa/jawafm-site into master 3 years ago
config d29088a99a Add option to mark station as private 3 years ago
static 61d82e6817 Add static directory 3 years ago
templates 0fc012056e Add link to open in VLC on IOS 3 years ago
.drone.yml 59076349bc Post build status to Discord 3 years ago
.gitignore 20a1126922 Ignore compiled binaries. 3 years ago 9c2875a023 Initial commit 3 years ago
main.go a4bab55550 Deny access to station page if private and not authenticated 3 years ago
oidc.go 29065fd0b3 Support logging in with OIDC 3 years ago